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10 Steps To Help You Choose the Right Company

Selling land requires the right tools and timing to get the best value for your property. We know how important it is to choose a suitable company for business transactions of any size. Read along to learn the ten steps for picking the right company when selling your land.

Step 1 - Determine a True Fair Cash Offer

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Selling land can be challenging. We realize how much property can mean to a person, and when you're ready to part ways with your farmland, lakeside parcel, or vineyard, you need to know you're getting a fair cash offer in return.

What's the easiest way to determine an accurate, fair cash offer? Talking with appraisers, using digital tools, and working with the top real estate professionals will help you get the best cash offer possible.

Every real estate agent says they're giving you the best price. At Lucas Land, we go above and beyond to ensure this is true. So we're helping you realize long-term goals that can change your life. Let us work with you to prove how much we want to give you the best cash offer for your land.

Understanding your land's fair market value is critical when choosing the right real estate company. But what's the easiest way to determine a true fair cash offer? Whether you research on your own or hire someone with a reputation and integrity to give you the best price, it all comes down to what you’re most comfortable with.

Step 2 - Choose the Right Timing for You

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Timing is one of the most critical factors in any sale. The importance of this couldn't be more true when it comes to letting go of a piece of land, whether small or large. Timing the sale of your property can make a sizable difference in the fair cash offer, but it can also impact the transaction in several other ways.

Finding the right company when selling your land is about discovering a team who will work with you to ensure the timing is right and you're making a decision that you'll be happy with for the rest of your life.

How do you know when the timing is right? It's a good idea to listen to your heart; you'll likely sense when you're ready to make the sale. Connecting with a real estate agent at just the right moment can make all the difference when selling your land.

Some tips when choosing the correct timing for selling your property include:

  • Give yourself plenty of extra time as a cushion.
  • Talk with your family to be sure the timing is right.
  • Work with an appraiser to understand how the market value has changed in recent years.

Step 3 - Investigate the Company's Reputation and Experience

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When selecting a prospective client, do your homework and ask around to find out if you're choosing a good company to work with. One advantage of doing business in 2023 is the sheer amount of information regarding data and company reputations.

Doing thorough research on a company's reputation and experience can save you all kinds of headaches down the road. But what's the best way to figure out their reputation and experience?

Some ways you can examine a company before you start working together include:

  • Understand the enterprise and educate yourself about policies, safety nets, and trends. The more you research, the more you can decide if a company uses best practices.
  • Work with an industry professional to assist you with determining the legitimacy of a company.
  • Use a review website to help determine if a company has a good reputation and work history.
  • Ask family and friends to see if they know anyone who's worked directly with the business.

Step 4 - Set Up a Meeting

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Once you have narrowed down a list of candidates, it's time to set up a meeting. You can do this in numerous ways. For example, video conferencing, telephone calls, and in-person meet and greets are all great ways to get together and learn more about the company you're working with to sell your land.

You need to communicate and be forthcoming from the start. When working with a prospective buyer, do your homework upfront and set up a meeting to answer any questions you may have.

Lucas Land is a family-run business that strives to add a personal touch to every transaction. Establishing confidence with our clients is crucial to the success of our company; we know that if you want to find the right business to buy your land, you should set up a meeting before agreeing to any details. And the more meetings, the merrier. Do your due diligence and meet with more than one buyer, so you'll have the best chance of finding the right candidate for your sale.

Step 5 - Both Sides Need To Be Transparent

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Transparency is one of the most crucial factors when finding the right person to sell your land to. Lucas Land is a family-first business that leads a direct-to-consumer operation that cuts out mediators, so you're working with us one-on-one. This relationship gives you the best cash value price and helps the communication be as cohesive as possible.

Choosing the right real estate broker means finding someone who tells you everything you need to know without missing essential details. So we do everything we can to be upfront and honest so you know all you need before signing the dotted line.

When selling your property, having the data to support prices, trends, and expectations is paramount to a successful transaction. Choose a broker who can back up statements with the most transparent data possible, so your real estate deal is ethical and advantageous for both sides.

Transparency is a vital aspect of real estate, and there's more emphasis on it than ever before. Use the tools available to you, and you’ll have the best chance of knowing the exact deals of the transaction.

Step 6 - Ask for Credentials

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One of the most tried and true ways of knowing you're picking the right real estate company is to learn the merits of a business and who they've worked with before you. Asking for credentials is the easiest way to get this information quickly and should always be a smooth conversation if you choose the right partner.

You always want to deal with a real estate broker by verifying they're a licensed professional with the right tools for the trade. Credentials may vary depending on your location, so always work with someone trained in working where you live or are selling your land.

How can you ask for credentials? Simply request their name or license number, and you'll get the necessary information. If you want the best chance of finding someone you can trust, ask them before you begin working together. If they don't have their credentials handy or have excuses, it's likely a sign of things to come.

You only want to work with people who have integrity and experience, so if they cannot back it up with certifications, they're not a good option. It most likely won’t be a good fit if you ever doubt the legitimacy of a potential buyer’s credentials.

Step 7 - Avoid Unnecessary Fees

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When deciding who to work with to sell your land, you'll want to take every step to find a buyer who charges as few fees as possible. At Lucas Land, we eliminate the intermediaries, so you are working out the deal with us at the most affordable rate possible.

What's the advantage of working directly with a family-first operation that eliminates the use of a broker? You can save on fees, which can sometimes add to considerable savings. For example, paying up to 6% on broker fees is common, which can change several hands throughout the process.

Paying fees is part of most real estate transactions, but it doesn't have to be an outrageous number. One of the reasons we recommend doing your research on companies before beginning a relationship with them is that fees can vary widely depending on experience.

Find someone with a rock-solid reputation and the reviews to back it up, and it may be worth paying fees for the best possible results. Read the fine print on every document, and you'll likely avoid unnecessary expenses. But, as we discussed earlier when you're selling your land, it's all about transparency, transparency, transparency.

Step 8 - Note Responsiveness and Communication Style

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Choosing the right real estate company to sell your land requires time and effort to determine if you're picking the ideal company for you. Our team at Lucas Land makes every effort to put a personal touch on building lasting relationships. We are committed to building a connection that feels like family. This means forming a partnership and friendship that lasts and starts with being responsive and communicating.

You must pay attention to communication when searching for a company to sell your land to. The ability to express yourself and bond with the people you're selling land to is crucial to establishing a positive business relationship with your real estate agent. Business communication has numerous benefits that will start you off on the right foot when selling your land.

But finding a communication style that works well for both the buyer and the seller can make or break a sale. So if you're better at expressing yourself through writing than in person, then make that known from day one.

We have many resources at our disposal that can help people communicate through nonverbal, verbal, visual, or written word, but you need to choose a technique that works best for you. Always trust your instinct; it is likely only the right choice if it feels like a good match when you meet a real estate agent. Once you start communicating, keep track of how quickly they get back to you and if it feels like the right fit. The rest should fall into place naturally.

Step 9 - Make Sure You're Comfortable With the Company

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Now that you've done your research, met with the company, and know your time frame and a fair cash value, it's time to decide who you will work with. But before you make the decision, you'll need to ask yourself if you're truly comfortable working with that person going forward.

Real estate professionals must be there for their clients as they would for their families. With this level of trust, you can make a deal that helps both sides.

What red flags should you look out for? Some telltale signs indicate if a business is one you don't want to work with going forward. Look out for these, and if you see too many, or even one, chances are it’s not a good fit. If you trust the person and think they show honesty, integrity, and are trying their best to work with you, then you know you're choosing the right company to work with.

If you feel comfortable, build trust, and have an idea of who the people are that you're working with, you'll be in a legitimate position for a successful transaction. Now it's time to make the last and final step, choosing the right company for you.

Step 10 - Contact the Company When You've Made Your Decision

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Once you've selected a real estate agent you like, it's time to make your final decision. If you have gone through the process described in our guide on how to sell land, you'll have all the information you require to make an informed choice you won't regret. So now it's the moment to do what you've been waiting for, sign the deal.

Whether you're meeting up with the agent in person or closing the deal digitally, it's time to make it happen. We're here to help you and will meet your needs when closing out the final steps of selling your land.

Lucas Land is a small business with big intentions, and we’re all about connecting with the people we work with daily. We want you to feel comfortable closing the deal, so reach out to us when you're ready to talk.

Email, phone calls, or even stopping by our office are great ways to contact us when you're ready to talk. A handshake and hello is still one of the best ways to connect and can go a long way when deciding who you want to sell your land to.

About us

Lucas Land is a family-owned real estate investment company. We saw a need to help families get cash offers for vacant land across America, and we thought we could help. We cut out all intermediaries so our customers can work directly with us, and get personalized service from a business that treats you like family.

Every business has a beginning, and ours is unique. We are built on a foundation where doing what's right for the customer comes at all costs, and our entire family reflects these values.